Al Roker Shuts Down Haters

Al Roker has arguably reached icon status in television news and has been reporting on natural disasters for decades. However, some think the 67-year-old is too old to cover the likes of Hurricane Ida. Mr. Roker clapped all the way back.

On Sunday (August 29), the  meteorologist was on NBC reporting from New Orleans, which is where the storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane. According to PEOPLE, tweets flooded in that read,  “Al Roker is almost 70 years old, why is this necessary?” and  “Maybe let’s not. A 70-year-old in the eye of the hurricane isn’t that much fun to see.”

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Roker was not here for it.

He told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, “I volunteered to come out here. This is what I do. I’ve done this for 40 years. We all make sure we’re safe, we’re not going to do something that’s gonna put ourselves in harm’s way. As much as l love weather and I love NBC, I’m not gonna risk my life for it.”

To the people on Twitter, Roker added, “Hey guess what? Screw you! Okay! Try to keep up!”

He also added with a laugh, “I will drop them like a bag of dirt!”

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