Kyrie Irving Addresses N-Word Usage On Twitter

NBA point guard Kyrie Irving is speaking out about his disdain of the N-word after he was ejected alongside Dennis Schröder on Saturday (April 10.) It was the first time either player had been removed from a game.

During the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Brooklyn Nets, Irving and Schröder had a heated exchange in the third quarter after Irving was called for a foul. After Schröder responded to the foul call, the argument became heated between the two sparked, allegedly including the use of the N-word. 

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On Sunday (April 11), Irving took to Twitter to address the word, what he calls a “derogatory racial slur.”

It hasn’t been confirmed what exactly was said between the ballers or what set either of them off. A Twitter user captioned what Irving allegedly replied, “don’t call me no n***a, bro… you don’t know me like that… watch your f***ing mouth.”

ESPN reports Irving will miss tonight’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves due to “personal reasons.”

The Lakers went on to win the game, 126-101.

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