Lil Durk Checks People on Stage for Not Turning Up

Lil Durk was not feeling the lack of reactions during his most recent concert.

In video footage that began to surface on the internet on Monday (May 17), Lil Durk checks a group of people who appear on stage while the 28-year-old rhymer performs “Crazy Story,” King Von’s 2018 breakout hit. In the 52-second clip, Durk asks the massive crowd standing behind him to move back after displaying a lack of excitement while he performs.

“Hold on, wait,” Durkio starts. “I need everybody to scoot back cause y’all ass ain’t even turnt. Aye, y’all hear me, aye, I need everybody to scoot back cause y’all dry and y’all making me look dry. I need y’all dry asses in the back.”

After calling out the people on stage, Durk continues to showcase his rap skills, but the crowd behind him continues to be dull.

“Got a drop on this flexin’ nigga, he from Tennessee (what?)/I had a thot she be with the shits, she told me where he be (where he at?),” he raps for the hype crowd.

With touring beginning to hit an upswing, Lil Durk has been pounding the pavement hard. But his effort to get back out there has been met with some difficulties.

Back in April, a Durk concert in Phoenix at the Celebrity Theatre ended abruptly after concertgoers allegedly heard gunfire causing the crowd to try and rush to safety. No one was admitted to the hospital for gunshot wounds, but some concertgoers reported injuries due to the facility’s lack of security measures.

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