Lil Yachty Says Nicki Minaj Still Has Him Blocked on Twitter

Lil Yachty wants Nicki Minaj to unblock him on Twitter. So much so, that he even asked Drake for help.

In a video interview with TMZ on Monday (May 31), Lil Boat explained that the Queen still has him blocked on Twitter for standing with Cardi B’s side in her rap beef with Nicki. The “One Night” rhymer insists that he loves Nicki and only stood with Cardi because she’s “family.”

“It’s the Barbz, man. They’re still killing me,” Yachty explained when asked about the Nicki-Cardi beef. “I woke up yesterday to a heat of fire under my butt from the Barbz. And the thing about that was I think I’m just big on loyalty. I got a lot of love for Cardi B and she’s a damn-near family member so through whatever I’m gonna ride.”

Despite his alliance to Cardi, Yachty has been begging Nicki for forgiveness to no avail. He even retweeted old tweets that he wrote while he was in middle school, where he praised Nicki, to win her approval.

“But I never — I’ve loved Nicki Minaj since I was a child,” he said. “Yesterday I went on Twitter to retweet my tweets from middle school of me praising Nicki, and then I went on Instagram live to let the world know Nicki Minaj has blocked me.”

Yachty even acquired the help of an ally to see if that would work in his favor. “I even hit Drake, I’m like, ‘Yo Drake, tell Nicki I love her. I love her to death,'” he said. “I checked this morning, I’m still blocked.”

Hopefully, in due time, Yachty and Nicki will patch things up and become friends on Twitter.

You can watch Lil Yachty plead his case for Nicki Minaj’s forgiveness below. Fast forward to the 1:30 mark.

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