Loud 102.3 Mornings J Steele Vel


What up!!! You should just stop reading this if you’re not a Cleveland Browns fan! I do a morning show on this fine radio station with my co-host Vel and in my free time (that I don’t really have), I make sure this radio station stays on the air! I’m originally from Columbus so I’m totally used to the bipolar Midwest weather. My favorite food is pretty much anything I’m not supposed to have! I have two beautiful and spoiled children who live near Dayton, OH. Fun Fact: They’re not biologically my kiddos but I’ve raised them since birth! You can catch me DJ’ing at your local downtown bar in the YO every weekend. If you’re lucky, I’ll even buy you a shot! Thanks for waking up with #LoudMorings and listening to Loud 102.3!

Hey guys! So oddly enough, my name is Schanvel, but I go by Vel. I am a YSU student that will soon be graduating. YAY! I enjoy eating good food, being creative, and trying new things. You can catch me grabbing a drink with friends on the weekends and my nightlife is the reason why I am here today!  I love to talk shop and learn about current events which makes my new job with J. Steele so AWESOME!