McDonald’s Broken Ice Cream Machines Under FTC Investigation

McDonald’s McFlurry machines have been the butt of jokes and source of frustration for years, as they seem to be broken more often than actually being functional. It’s gotten so bad that apparently the Federal Trade Commission is looking into it.

TMZ reports that the FTC is investigating why the machines constantly go down. The problem has gotten so bad that there’s a website dubbed McBroken, which tracks ice cream machine outages nationwide.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s ice cream machines are over complicated to operate and very difficult to clean, which often makes them susceptible to break down. The machines also require a nightly automated heat-cleaning cycle that gets rid of bacteria but can last up to four hours.

The Journal also says that when the cleaning cycle fails, the machines become useless until a repairperson can fix them. According to Vice, the company that makes the machines has a monopoly on repairing them, and is even subject to a lawsuit from a rival company that invented an easier hack for franchises to keep their ice cream machines clean and functional.

TMZ reports that the FTC has sent a letter to franchisees earlier this month wanting to know how the fast food company reviews suppliers and equipment, including the McFlurry machines.

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