Michelle Obama: How She Is Helping Us ‘Emerge From Pandemic’

Michelle Obama is ready to get out there again and is making her first public appearance since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States.

PEOPLE reports the former first lady is slated to appear at The Nantucket Project’s 10th annual gathering in September and will share the dais with Russell Brand, Ashley Judd and Megyn Kelly.

“Mrs. Obama is the perfect person to help us emerge from the pandemic in a live setting,” Nantucket Project co-founder Tom Scott said in a statement to the magazine. “She represents everything we believe in and the ethos that has driven us for the last decade; curiosity, exploration, an understanding of the importance of community and the power of conversation. To say we are excited is an understatement.”

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The Nantucket Project’s goal is to bring together a diverse group of thinkers who tell stories via live talks, films and music.

“The Circus of Ideas and Conversations” is the title of this year’s event, which will include four days of “live talks, original films, and unforgettable experiences.”

The event is slated for September 23-26 in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and will mark the official launch of the Neighborhood Project, which will allow members, known as Neighbors, to join groups or start their own in order to bring about meaningful conversations.

“In the 70’s jogging was a concept that outliers pursued … today it’s commonplace,” Scott told PEOPLE. “Conversation is headed on that same journey.” 

While this is Obama’s first in-person appearance at an event since the COVID shutdown, she made an in-person studio appearance in May on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

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