SNL Makes Lil Nas X Skit Where He Twerks on God, Lil Nas Responds

Lil Nas X‘s controversial “Montero (Call My by Your Name)” video got the parody treatment on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live and the Georgia artist has something to say about it.

On April 3, SNL decided to get in on the viral movement that has surrounded the “Old Town Road” rhymer’s latest visual, which features an abundance of satanic imagery as well as a scene that shows X twerking on Satan before taking the Devil’s life. In the SNL clip, Lil Nas X appears on a faux talk show hosted by an actress who is supposed to be Brittany Spears.

After briefly talking about the backlash he received for the video and recent shoe collaboration with MSCHF, which features satanic iconography, X, played by comedian Chris Redd, surmises why people are really upset. “Because they are close-minded idiots,” fake Lil Nas X opines. “People are afraid of me because I’m different. But really, I’m just your typical gay, rap, country, Black, sneaker entrepreneur. I put my pants on like everyone else, one assless chap at a time.”

Speaking specifically about the twerk on Satan scene in the video, SNL‘s Lil Nas X urged his detractors not to overreact. “You know that wasn’t the real Satan, right?” he noted. “It was a dude in a Halloween Devil costume, because the real Satan doesn’t do, like, music videos. So, maybe chill.”

X later evens the score by twerking on a fake God. “Can I again remind people that that was not the real God,” he says when he is done. “That was just my friend, Gary.”

Shortly after the episode aired, Lil Nas X shared his thoughts about the spoof via Twitter. “snl going to hell,” he presumably sarcastically posted.

Lil Nas X has been catching hell, pun intended, since the release of his new single, “Montero,” from multiple angles including religious folks and rappers, alike. Joyner Lucas called Nas X out after the video went viral. Nike is suing MSCHF because their Satan Shoe is a copy of the shoe giant’s Air Max 97 and also features the company’s trademarked Swoosh.

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