Travis Scott Fans Upset at $300 Astroworld Festival Ticket Price

Travis Scott fans are not feeling the rapper’s Astroworld festival prices for this year’s festivities and they’re making their feelings known.

On Wednesday (May 5), tickets for Travis Scott‘s third annual Astroworld festival went on sale nearly doubling from the $179 price point in 2019 to $300. Prospective festival-goers noticed the upcharge and took to Twitter to express their feelings about the payment increase.

“2 tickets to astroworld after tax comes out to 733$ I almost clicked submit/confirm then I thought about my kids and clothes I could spend that money on I gotta fire Travis Scott playlist anyways,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The Astroworld experience ain’t worth no 300 bucks, lmao. VIP is over 1000. That shit better come with a lap dance from Kylie, cause holy shit that’s ridiculous.,” another person wrote.

While fans were pissed about the ticket prices, La Flame’s fete managed to sell out as quickly as his sneakers. Some social media users even hopped on Twitter to resell their tickets at a higher price than the original $300.

Travis’ Astroworld festival pays homage to the Six Flags in Houston, which has closed. The rhymer initially announced he would be reviving the theme park to incorporate a musical element in 2018.

Astroworld fest is set to take place on Nov. 5 and 6 in the rapper’s hometown of Houston, TX. The lineup has yet to be announced but given the past acts like Gunna, Trippie Redd, Young Thug and more, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be fire.

See more fans’ comments about the Astroworld price below.

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