‘Victoria Secret Karen’ Has Meltdown Over Being Filmed

A conflict between two women, one Black and one white resulted in a new viral video that the Internet is calling “Victoria’s Secret Karen.” 

The unidentified woman, who is white, broke down crying and pretending to pass out at a Victoria’s Secret store in Millburn, N.J., after another woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, who is Black, accused the irate woman of trying to hit her.

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Ukenta claims the aggressing woman’s attitude changed and began playing the victim when she began recording her with her phone. The woman can be seen on video yelling at Ukenta, complaining about being recorded and chasing her around the store in an attempt to get her to stop filming.

TMZ reports Ukenta said she continued to film despite the alleged threats she received. She told the website she was afraid the woman would make false claims against her and wanted proof of what really happened.

A representative for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office told TMZ it’s investigating whether any laws were broken during the viral exchange, which has topped 75,000 likes on Twitter.

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