Wes Moore Running For Governor Of Maryland

Bestselling author, nonprofit leader and veteran, Wes Moore, is running for governor of Maryland.

In a newly released campaign video, the 42-year-old said, “I’ve seen this firsthand from my life and from my work, that opportunity is just readily available to some and just dangerously absent to others.”

The former CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation continued, “Coming out of this pandemic, we’ve got to focus on creating economic opportunities. . . . We are one of the wealthiest states in the country, and yet one of the most inequitable.”

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Moore was born in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to New York to live with his grandparents as a young child after his father died of acute epiglottitis. He moved back to Baltimore when he was a teen.

Dr. John B. King Jr., former U.S. education secretary during the Obama administration, is also running for governor of Maryland.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s term ends in 2023. The Republician is reportedly considering a presidential run.  

Watch Moore’s campaign video below: 

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