White Woman’s Racist Tirade Goes Viral On TikTok

Video of a white woman at a Ross clothing store going off on a racist tirade against a Black woman employee has gone viral on TikTok, garnering north of 2 million views.

In the clip, the Karen can be seen yelling in the face of the Black employee, who according to Newsweek, is the store’s manager. She can be heard calling the manager a “Black b***h” and “monkey.” She also even calls the Black employee “racist.”

It isn’t clear what led to the woman’s angry and deranged rant.

“You’re a m****rf****ing b***h is what you are,” the Karen yells.

“Please leave,” the manager calmly replies.

“Oh I’m leaving,” the white woman proclaims.

“Please leave. I’m asking nicely,” the Ross employee replies.

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As she leaves the white woman begins to leave, she yells out “You f*****g no good b***h,” the white woman adds. “Call it racism! B***h, you’re more racist than [inaudible].”

The manager remains calm as the white woman adds: “F**k you, you f*****g Black b***h” again, as she leaves the store.

The unbothered nature the Black woman presents seems to enrage the white woman even more as she reenters and yells even more racist things at her, saying something about “sitting on the porch like a f*****g monkey” and calls the manager a “whore.”

Newsweek reached out to Ross for comment on the incident, but did not immediately receive a response. It isn’t certain what store location the event happened at.

Watch what went down below. *WARNING: Video contains racist language*

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